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Optical lens consumer market application

                                 Optical lens consumer market application

Professional camera lens: professional camera lens is mainly divided into zoom lens, fixed focus lens, wide-angle lens.

Security Surveillance Lens: Video surveillance is an important part of the security system. It is widely used in many 

public places because of its intuitive, accurate, timely and rich information content.

Car lens: With the development of car technology, people are required to display video and audio functions in real-time 

during the driving process of the car, providing more convenience for positioning, so the car lens came into being.

Car Lens,Car camera lens,Car Recorder Lens

VR/AR device lens: Virtual Reality (VR) refers to the use of computer technology as the core of modern high-tech means to 

generate a virtual environment, users with special input / output devices, and objects in the virtual world to carry out natural

The interaction, the same as the real world through visual, auditory and tactile augmented reality (Augmented Reality, AR), 

is a technique for calculating the position and angle of an image in real time and adding corresponding images. The goal of this 

technology is to put the virtual world in the real world and interact on the screen. 

Whether it is VR or AR equipment, optical lenses are needed to assist in the interaction with the environment, especially the 

AR equipment. In order to realize the combination of real scene and virtual scene, it needs to be more A large number of cameras to match.

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