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China's high-definition video surveillance lens ratio

2012-2016 China's high-definition video surveillance ratio

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   The high-definition replacement of standard definition, technological innovation to 

promote business model reform.

   The data shows that from 2012 to 2016, the proportion of high-definition video surveillance 

in China has increased from 20% to 55%, achieving a leap from standard definition to high definition. 

The change from "visible" to "clearly visible" not only allows humans to see the content of the video,

   But also makes it easier for the machine to extract the content of the picture and greatly improve 

the use of data and key information. This lays a solid foundation for the intelligentization of video 

surveillance. Quickly analyze stored video through intelligent video analysis technology, extract and 

identify abnormal behavior and issue alarm information. By defining the events or attributes of this 

information, the system can quickly find the information the user needs. This technology not only saves 

a lot of storage space, but also greatly improves the monitoring storage efficiency, and makes the data more targeted.

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