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Optical lens in industrial applications


                                                          Industrial application    


Optical lenses are also widely used in machine vision inspection. Their specific applications are mainly reflected in the following four aspects:

mechanical parts measurement, plastic parts measurement, glass and pharmaceutical container measurement, and electronic component measurement.

I.Optical lens and machine vision applications

Application fieldDetails
Mechanical parts measurement

Measurement of precision mechanical components, most of

 which are automotive parts

Plastic parts measurementSome rubber parts are easily deformed to change their original    shape when they are taken, so it is necessary to use a                   non-contact  optical measuring instrument for measurement.
Glass and medicinal container measurementSmall glass bottles, capsules, small vials, etc., to avoid cracking due to contact during the measurement process
Electronic component measurementResistor, transistor and IC circuits must use a miniature lens to   detect their size and the location of the connection point
Other special applicationsParticle measurement, measurement of high-precision color         printing, semiconductor mask measurement, filter control,           blood analysis, cell number calculation, etc.

II.Optical lens industry market situation

Optical lenses have a wide range of applications in the industrial field, and their specific applications are mainly

 reflected in machine vision mechanical parts measurement, plastic parts measurement and so on. Compared with the industrial field, 

optical lenses have a wider range of applications in the consumer market, including professional camera lenses, mobile camera module lenses, 

security surveillance cameras, car lenses and many other fields.

At present, from the application of global optical lens, mobile phone, video surveillance, and car camera are the three largest terminal markets, 

which can greatly affect the overall trend of the optical lens module industry.

Global optical lens market size (combined mobile phone, surveillance, car camera field)

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