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optical lens industry chain of Vehicle Camera Lens


                  Overview of the optical lens industry chain


1.The development and manufacture of optical lenses is in the middle of the industry chain. 

The upstream is the equipment, equipment and raw materials required for the production of optical lenses

The raw materials mainly include glass lenses, plastic lenses, electronic components, plastic materials and metal parts.

Downstream is the application field of optical lens, including security monitoring equipment, mobile camera camera module, 

car camera module, machine vision system, VR/AR equipment.


2. The impact of the upstream industry development on the industry.

The production of optical lenses mainly uses raw materials such as glass lenses, plastic lenses, plastic materials, metal parts and electronic components.


3. The impact of the development of the downstream industry on the industry

The downstream of the optical lens industry is mainly divided into three types according to product application areas: security monitoring system manufacturers,

mobile phone camera module manufacturers and vehicle camera module manufacturers. In the field of security video surveillance, the downstream of the lens industry 

is mainly aimed at manufacturers of security video surveillance equipment.


In the field of consumer electronics such as automotive electronics, the downstream of the lens industry is mainly for manufacturers of automotive camera modules.

4. The impact of industry development on the industry

Upstream industry

1.Optical materials: optical plastics, optical glass, etc.

2.Equipment and instruments.

3.Representative companies: Asia Optical, Hanwha Techwin.

Midstream industry

1.Optical lens   


2.Representative company: YTOT Optics, Sunny Optical, Largan Opticals. 

3.Union photoelectric, Ricom etc.

Downstream industry

1.Mobile phone, car and other camera modules.

2.Security surveillance cameras, video equipment, etc. 

3.Representative companies: Hikvision, Dahua,Uniview,etc.

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