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Optical lens industry technology level and development trend


                                     Industry technology level and development trend

     Optical lens is a highly sophisticated product used in security lens, car lens and consumer electronic lens industry.sw

Its quality level is an important reference for various terminal imaging systems.

In the process of development, the technical development of the security surveillance lens industry has the following characteristics:

①Inter disciplinary advanced manufacturing technology is continuously integrated into lens processing technology

    With the improvement of the image quality of security surveillance cameras and the development of large-scale production,

advanced manufacturing technologies in the field of semiconductor processing and other fields are continuously integrated 

into the lens processing technology, making the processing technology, process and equipment of modern precision optical 

components more traditional than optical processing. The technology has changed a lot.

②Optical film technology has become a key technology

     Due to the integration of modern security terminal lenses into functional integration and high precision, the spectral 

characteristics of the lenses can only be achieved by relying on optical films.

③Development trend of large-caliber miniaturization

     In order to increase the amount of light passing through the lens, it is necessary to increase the aperture of the lens, and the 

brightness of the screen in the dim and night mode is better than that of the small-diameter lens.

④High-definition, networked, and intelligent requirements for technology are increasing

    With the gradual expansion of the application range and scenarios of security surveillance video technology, and the increasing 

requirements for security monitoring in high-definition, network, and intelligent, security surveillance lens products are in large 

magnification zoom, optical image stabilization, large aperture, and transparent The technical level requirements of fog, 

infrared night vision, super wide angle, virtual coke processing, and high reliability are increasing.


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